Permissions on projects linked to task responsible

Hi there!!
I do not know if this is a designed feature or not, but we use asana in our company and we work in a lot of different projects. We always have the same issues when adding task or subtasks, if you are not aware if the person responsible for the task is added as collaborator on the project, this person can not see the rest of the project and can not know what is the project of the task, and we always receive from this person a message like “please can you give me access to the project as I can not see it?”
Can this task be automated in some way? Adding a person responsible for a task will have to give permissions to this person to the complete project, to be able to see all the information of this project.


Did you consider making all your teams and projects public?

First of all, thanks for your answer!
We have not considered this option as we still want to isolate the projects depending on the department that has to work in it (some are uni-departmental) to avoid being overwhelmed with a lot of projects in your Asana home view.
If I make my projects public, who will receive notifications of actions that are being performed in the project? All people in the company who has access to Asana or only the people involved in the project? We want to avoid as many messages as we can.

Making projects private just to declutter the sidebar is not a good idea in my opinion, and your post is a good example. People will favorite project, create their own portfolios, find projects with the search or go through My Tasks.

Only task collaborators receive notifications about tasks. Project members receive 3 types of notifications (see bottom of your notification tab in your profile settings).

Let me know if this helps.

OK. I will propose this solution to the people involved in my company and we will see how it works.
Thanks for your support on this subject.