Teams getting email notifications of unrelated events

my teams are getting mail notifications of other person`s tasks and it is annoying them. how can this be solved because it supposed to only be notified of assigned or mentioned.

Hi @ユニ1 :wave:t2:

Are these users who are getting email notifications listed as Collaborators on these tasks?

If so, Collaborators will receive email notifications for task actions as long as they have their notifications turned on. :slight_smile:

hi @Rebecca_McGrath thanks for the response.
No, there are not listed as collaborators, just members of the team

Thanks for getting back to me @ユニ1 :slight_smile:

Project members will receive a notification (via email or Inbox, depending on your notification settings) when:

  • The Project Owner updates the project status
  • Someone creates or adds a new task to the project
  • A new conversation is posted in the project

I would suggest each Member checks their notification setup for the specific project! The project notifications can be turned off if they no longer wish to receive these messages:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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