I'm not assigned to a task, but still receiving email notifications

I saw an issue that was previously addressed like this in Mar2021 (I believe is the date), but it said it was fixed. However, as the Admin for my organizations Asana, I was advised that one of my team is receiving email notification for a task that they are not a collaborator on, and also are not mentioned or assigned to.

This is problematic and causes an increase in their emails.


Hi @Christopher_Hendrix , welcome to the forum :wave:
Could you upload a screenshot of the email, concealing any sensitive information?
I’m curious if the notification is perhaps for tasks being added to the project?

Hi @Richard_Sather Sorry - I am not too active here, but use the forum as an informational tool. I had triple-checked the settings and notifications, BUT…I guess I had to quadruple-check this time. It was a notification setting at the project level for a project that I do not own. :slightly_smiling_face:
So it is all taken care of now

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