Entire team no longer receiving email notifications for new tasks despite having all notification settings checked

Our team has several Asana projects where users submit forms, and we are all signed up to receive notifications when those forms are submitted and added as a project task following the instructions in Asana’s email notifications guide – at both the overall notification settings level and the individual project settings level.

Since December 2023, I and several of my colleagues have stopped receiving individual email notifications when a user submits a form and it is added as a task to a project. We now only receive email notifications for daily summaries and/or unread notifications which include the form submission, but this is not sufficient for us to be immediately aware of and promptly respond to form submissions as they are typically urgent requests.

I have submitted a support ticket with Asana for this issue, and their response was to make sure a default assignee was added to the form to ensure that person received email notifications when the form was submitted. We did this, and it worked for one form and assignee, but this is not a sufficient solution for all of our forms, as other forms have rules assigning the task to different projects and assignees based on the type of request.

I’d really like to find a solution to restore the individual notifications we were receiving before December (perhaps due to an Asana update around that time?) as this is causing workflow delays within our team.


I haven’t heard of others reporting this issue, and I don’t think Support has fully addressed the issue. I recommend you push back with them and ask to escalate, or you could rework this post into a new Report a Bug request. I think the former might be the better first course of action.



Can you share a screenshot of the member’s notification window for one of those project? Feel free to anonymise.

Hi Alyssa,

Might be worth them looking at their notification settings individually.
What you could also do is set up a rule to say that when a task is added to this project, it adds a comment that @'s the individuals that needs a notification. Providing they have mentions only on in their notification settings.

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