Email Notifications when task assignee added by rule

Not sure if this is in the right place - I am a business user. I set up a projectand have tasks being generated via form submission. I have a rule that adds me as an asignee when new tasks are added ot the project (via the form submission) - however I’m not getting notified via email when that occurs (it does show up in my Asana inbox) - the goal is that if someone gets assigned something (via a rule) that they get an email notification - can someone explain why that is not happening? What is the point of having a rule assign someone to a task if they don’t get notified that they have been assigned to it? We rely heavily on email notifications so we arent having to check two inboxes (outlook and Asana).



I have a doubt, I think I have seen this exact same topic discussed on the forum. @ambforumleader rings a bell?

While we wait for the other Forum Leaders opinion, can you explain why you are relying to heavily on emails and not just moving to the Asana Inbox entirely?

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I have a similar case - most of our users are not heavy users of Asana and so it is not efficient to have those kinds of users check their Asana inbox. Would love to see more functionality around notifications as they pertain to rules. It seems you either get all or nothing with Asana - but then again, I am relatively new to Asana so maybe I have overlooked some key functionality.

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I believe you are correct, you can’t custom notification level that much. @ambforumleader any suggestion?

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This issue has come up previously and I found this thread Email Notifications for Forms

It is worth checking it - from what I can see, you are supposed to receive email notifications.

My suggestion would be to test and see - if someone manually assigned a task in the project to you, will you get an email notification? Are the settings on the project and your email notifications done correctly? no do not disturb settings are actively by error. If all of these are set up correctly, then please do engage with asana support so they can assist.

Hope this helps.

Hey @Nikki_Sitzmann your assumption alongside Bastien is correct.

I personally do not rely on asana notifications and I do not have email notifications switched on either. What I do is I have a private project where I house tasks linked directly to active projects I am working on. The idea is:

  1. On weekly basis, I have a project overview day where I check all active projects I am involved in as a decision making stakeholder and I review the tasks that are of importance on that project
  2. I review all tasks assigned to me as they appear in My Task.
  3. I have an agreement with my team that if something is urgent and requires my attention, that they assign a task (or a subtask) to me so I can check what I am after.

Being a collaborator on Asana within a task can easily become messy as you grow with the tool. So it is good to have some practical ground rules with your team around it.

I hope this helps.