Notifications not working when a task is assigned by rule

Within one of our projects, tasks are assigned by rule to a specific user when they are moved to a certain section. When this happens, the user does not get notifications. I have confirmed that her notification settings are all “on,” and she does get notified when tasks are assigend to her in other projects/manually, but just not when this rule is assigning tasks to her. Help!

Hi @Damon_Hemmerdinger :wave:

Indeed, assigning someone would normally notify the user.

Not a fix, but just an idea:
You could set up the rule so it adds a comment to that user mentioning him/her.

If move to section

  • Assign to user
  • Add a comment : “@username this task is for you”

But probably other forum members have better ideas :wink:


Who moved the task and triggered the rule? Did she do it or someone else? Remember that a user doesn’t get a notification when they perform the action (in this case I think that would be moving the task and triggering the rule).


I did also find this thread where this same issue was discussed but not resolved; this might be a bug…

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I had already done that - but it still doesn’t work.

Someone else is moving it to a different section. Seems like the same problem that you flagged. Frustrating!

Did you give up, or change the way you use the rules?

I didn’t have the issue myself, sorry.