Don't get a notification when rule assigns to me

Hi Fols

am new to rules and loving them. I’ve set up a rule with conditions that assign a task to me when triggered

i’d have thought that would send me a notification but it didn’t.

I have all notifications turned on in my profile and the project

Hi @Shaun_OBrien and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry for the trouble here. Please note that notifications will only be sent for actions or changes performed by others. You don’t receive a notification for an action you have performed yourself.

Can you please confirm if these actions have been triggered by others or by yourself?
Than you Shaun! Looking forward to you reply!

Thanks, I knew normal actions didn’t trigger notifications whenyou did it your self. But though actions performed by rules still would.

I understand now, makes it tough to test complex rules by your self though :slight_smile:

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As a follow up, I’ve read the guides on notification, but I feel like I am missunderstanding, I am not getting notifications I expect

eg in a project I have all notifications set to on, but if a user creates a task i do not get a notification always, but in some other projects I do

is there a more extensive explanation somewhere of what action triggers what notification I wonder?

Triggers and notifications are listed here:

If you are a member of the project you’ll get new task notifications, but you won’t if you’re not a member of the project.

Hope that helps,