Creating Rules for Email Notifications

How do I enable notifications such that when a task is moved to a certain section, a team member is notified by email that they have a task to do? I’m getting this error message when I created the rule.


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The rule does not seem to be configured properly. When you click on „Fix in Asana“ you should be redirected to the problem.
If everything seems alright and it still isn‘t working then I recommend reaching out to Asana Support or maybe @Marie can help?

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When I go to “fix in Asana” I get this message and then I delete the rule but I get the same error message again. Maybe it has something to do with linking my email and Asana? I don’t think I’ve done that yet if that’s needed.

Hm yeah might have to do with linking gmail properly.

Best reaching out Asana Support and I am sure they will be able to assist.