Requesting a new feature for Task Emailing

I need help with creating a task via emailing and make it move to a certain section.

Somehow I don’t see this feature listed anywhere on the documents page.

Which is absolutely practical and by passing some parameters on the email then Asana catch it and move that task to a certain section.

Let me know if this possible and how to.


Hey @Kit
take a look here: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana

You can send tasks to every Asana project. And then you can set up rules that whenever a task is coming into a project it is moved to a specific section.
If you have other tasks in this project also that you do not want the rules to apply for you can set up a special Asana project just for all emails that you forward. And every task created triggers a rule so the task is automatically added to the other project and moved in the appropriate section.

You might also be interested in upvoting here: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana

Does that help?

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The rules that you mentioned does it allow the basic paid plans to use this.

If not is there any other solution or workaround.

Let me know thank you

Hey @Kit
to use rules you will require Asana Premium.
For custom rule builder and further conditions you require a business plan.

Alternatively you can look into Flowsana

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