Remove people from collaborators?

Hi everyone,

Quick question about best practices. I am facing the following use case: asked a question to person A (works because this was actually @Alexis :p) then she forwarded to person B and C who then forwarded to D who was the person in charge. So now A-B-C-D are now collaborators of the task.

I am tempted to remove A-B-C from the collaborators to not disturb them with future discussions, but at the same time I am thinking they should decide themselves if they want to leave the conversation.

Any suggestion?


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This depends on the culture at that particular organization. Personally, I lean toward letting people make this decision for themselves if they are fairly experienced with Asana (they would know how to remove themselves and why they would want to). Removing someone as a collaborator is one of the few non-transparent (the other user doesn’t get a notification) actions in Asana, and I like to bias for transparent actions/behaviors.

Though if the task is really more or less a DM, you were its creator, and you’re pretty sure you’ve found the right person to talk to then there isn’t necessarily a problem with removing people. They can always be added back after all and you may even be able to balance for the transparency by leaving them a comment before removing them.

For your specific situation (which I assume is in the internal Asana organization), it’s totally fine to let people stay on the task. People here are pretty good about following/unfollowing and managing the messages they consume in their Inbox on their own.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you!

I agree with @DearDaniel. I’ve managed teams in Asana workspaces as I’m training them and I’ll unfollow on behalf of a team member if I know that they will be overwhelmed with the notifications in their inbox. Otherwise, I think it should be up to the team member to unfollow tasks as they see fit.


I removed a member from the project and organization but I still see they are collaborators of all of the old tasks. How do I remove them completely without having to go one by one for each task?