Rule to remove collaborators

Hiya. I’d like to see a Rule action that removes Collaborators.

The use scenario is something like this: I receive an email that is better addressed by someone else, so I forward it to them for response. However, I also bcc a “have a follow-up conversation” project for our next face-to-face – and I’d rather not have this follow-up task be assigned to the other person in Asana (which is the default behavior with how Asana interprets tasks cc:ed to it and sent to another Asana user, and otherwise what I want it to do 80% of the time). So, I’d like to override the default “assign task to emailed recipient” behavior within certain projects, and it seems a Rule action might be a path to doing that.

I realize an alternative route to doing this is with the Gmail Add-On for Asana (we’re a G Suite environment, yay). However, it’s quite clunky to go through all those machinations.