Remove assignee from a task using rules

Is there a way to remove an assignee from a task using rules?

We have a lot of tasks coming in to a project via mails that are sent to this project.

The default assignee is the sender of the mail. Using a rule the task is assigned to another user.

The amount of tasks assigned to this user, makes it harder to use “My Tasks”.

We have one daily recurring task to work on this project, which is easier in the My Task view.

Hi Herve,

Yes! If you’re on the Asana Business or Enterprise plan and thus have access to build custom rules, there is a (fairly new) “Unassign task” rule action to do just what you’re wanting:

If you’re on the Premium plan and thus don’t have access to custom rules, you can use our Flowsana integration, which also has an “Unassign task” rule action and whose rules can be built at any Asana subscription level.


Thanks!! That does the trick!


It seems that I cheered to quickly.

The rule does not run and I cannot figure out why.

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Hi @Herve_Buisset,

The action of adding the task to the project (i.e. the rule trigger) - did that occur as the result of a human being adding the task to the project, or as the result of another rule adding the task?

Hi @Phil_Seeman

I merged the two actions in one rule.

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And now it works … most of the time :slight_smile:

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Tasks are added by sending an e-mail to the project. E-mails are automatically forwarded from my own account. That is probably why I am set as assignee.

The due date action worked every time. The last instance of the rule running it did not remove the assignee.

That’s odd; you might want to contact Asana support on that.