Can rules be set to just one person?

I would like to set a rule in our Team Brainstorm for my completed tasks to move but I’m not sure the other would like theirs moving on them. Can I set the rule to only effect my tasks?

Hello @Jerrica and welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

Yes definitely that is possible. To do so locate the relevant project and access rules via „customize“ menu.

In there as trigger select „assignee“: yourself and „task marked completed“ and then the action you want to perform.

For more info see here: Rules • Asana

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Thank you!!

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@Andrea_Mayer can you confirm in this case one of the trigger is “Task updated > assignee” even though in this case it means “Task assign was X when other trigger happens”?

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Ah yes thank you @Bastien_Siebman you are correct since she is referring to completed tasks only and not newly created tasks also.

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