How to remove auto assigning when tasks are moved between projects

I route emails into Asana dynamically using Gmail filters/forwarding. They land in a “landing project” which then moves to the main queue project, but allows the addition of specific custom field data before/during the move using rules. (I use a landing project as we have other tasks created in the main queue project from emails, and I wanted there to be separate rules on each so Asana would “know the difference”.)

However, when it gets to the main queue project, it defaults to assigning me. I’ve tried adjusting the rules on both the landing project and the main queue project to Unassign, but neither worked separately or together. I can’t make a rule that any time something is added to the main queue project that it is unassigned, as that will break something else. Any tips?

Thank you!

Hi @Angie_Lawrence

Have you tried having maybe a two steps rule ? (just an idea as I’m not sure why the rule doesn’t work in the first place)


*1- When “task added to this project”, then “Move to Section Y”
*2- When “task moved to section Y”, then "“Assigned > Unassign task”

Fingers crossed :wink: