Moving tasks - automation

i would like to find the best tool to automate the following:

Once Task1 in Project A is completed - another task gets moved into Project A from Project B.
after the moved task get completed, another task is moved from Project B etc.

any ideas?

Hi Lucas! As far as I’m aware, there’s not a way to automatically move tasks between projects, only between sections. Could you consider multihoming or moving tasks from Project A into an “unassigned” category in Project B?

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Hi Micah,
actually if it would move between the sections that should work too
and yes moving tasks from Project A into an unassigned category in Project B - would work to ( after marking one task complete in project B - a task from Project A gets moved into unassigned category in Project B)

To clarify, when I asked about the possibility of moving tasks from Project A into an “unassigned” category in Project B - this would have to be done manually, and from that point, you could automate moving tasks out of that “unassigned” section into a different one. So sorry for the miscommunication!

To do that, I recommend checking out this article from the Asana help center - it describes working with rules that accomplish this sort of thing in detail. :slight_smile: For example, one rule that I’ve built for myself is upon completing a task, that task will automatically move to my “completed” section.

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The issue is that with a very few exceptions (involving subtasks and their parent, or dependent tasks), an Asana rule can’t be triggered by one task but act on another task, which is what you’re looking for, at least as I interpret your description. Asana rules can only act on the task that triggered the rule.

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Hi Lucas,
I am with zzBots! I believe we might have a solution to your problem. I can provide an example set up, but first I’m curious to know if the task being moved from Project B to Project A is a specific task, or is it any task in the project?

@Phil_Seeman thank you for reply, appreciate it. I’ve already looked read some of your posts and looked at flowsana but couldn’t seem to find that option, as you say it would mainly be for a rule to be triggered by one task but act on another task.

@Malachi - it would be any task in the project

Hi Lucas,

Me and the development team have been working to solve your issue. After some development I created a Bot Pack in zzBots for when a task in Project A is completed then automatically move a task from Project B into Project A.

You can check this Bot Pack out here:

Free plan available.

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@Malachi great - thanks a lot, i have looked at it and it does indeed work exactly as you say and as i needed it.
will be sure to mention it to others in my group, wanted to get an alternative for Nozbe and custom made PHP page with API call which allowed for only 1 task to be viewed at the time, with an only option to mark it as complete , then next task would appear.

This supposedly helps to focus on task at hand a lot

again thanks for taking time to read and procure the solution for me

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