How do I move a task to a different section in Project A based on moving it in Project B?

Here’s my workflow.

I have a Bugs project. So let’s say I have task ‘Fix bug A’.

I also have a Sprints Planning project.

I add ‘Fix bug A’ to my Sprints Planning project.

In my Bugs project, I have Planned, In Sprint and Done sections.

When the task is moved from the Sprints Planning section ‘To-do’ to ‘In sprint’, I want the task to be automatically moved from ‘Planned’ to ‘In sprint’ in the Bugs project.

Is it possible to do things like this across projects?

Hi Charlie :raised_hand:

Most of the automations are possible via Asana Rules (see guide). Rules are especially powerful if you are subscribed to the Business Plan (or above), as you can create custom rules.

For example, when something is triggered (to be defined what is your trigger), you can decide to move (or add) a task to another project, and even choose the destination section.

Also, it is possible to add multiple actions for the same rule.


I would suggest reading the Asana guide as well as additional content (video) from the Asana Academy.; and then try to build your own rules (from simple to more advanced).

Hope that helps.

All the best with Asana.



One additional note specifically in terms of moving a task to a different section in another project (i.e. a project other than the one where the rule is built): the first rule action that @Arthur_BEGOU showed will do that and is all you need. You might think, “But the task already exists in the other project so the Add to another project action isn’t what I want”. However, the way that rule action works is, if the task already exists in that other project, it will just leave it there but will move it to whatever section is specified in the rule.

The second rule action Arthur showed would move the task in the current project (where the rule lives) but that wasn’t part of your specific use case.

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Maybe I’m not following, but I don’t want every task that is added to a section to trigger a movement.

In my Sprint Planning project I have an ‘In sprint’ section.
If I have the rule ‘Task is moved > check if section is in sprint > move or add to project (project = Bugs etc, Section = In sprint)’, it adds every single task that I add to In spring in Sprint Planning to the Bugs > In sprint section, even if the task wasn’t a part of that project already.

I only want a task to be added to Bugs > In sprint it it was already in the Bugs project. So I need a condition like ‘Task is part of project Bugs’ or something.

Do you see what I mean?

Ah, you didn’t mention that part. Yeah, there’s no Condition for “task is in Project X”.

The only way I know of to do what you’re wanting is to use a global (i.e. library) custom field (or you could use a tag with a rule in our Flowsana integration) to sync the sections in the two projects.

You’d have a rule in the Sprint Planning project of "If task is moved to section In sprint, set the custom field In sprint to Yes. Then also have a rule in the Bugs project of “If custom field In sprint is set to Yes, move the task to the In sprint section”.

Above I’m illustrating using a dropdown list custom field with only one value of Yes, but for a more general approach you could also use a custom field called something like Stage with values of Planned, In sprint, etc.

On a related note, you might also be interested in upvoting this request:


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