Allow Board view columns to be associated to a custom field's options, similar to sorted sections in List view

Continue to default board view columns to match list view’s sections, but also enable alternate choices, for example, that the columns could correspond to a chosen select custom field’s option values.

For example, if the project had a Priority single-select field I could choose it and the columns would be High, Medium, and Low. Or if the project had a Phase field, they could be Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3.

I’ve created this thread at @Marie’s request because the thread:

was recently closed when this was just released:

The closed thread had a mix of requests, some of which were addressed by the newly-released feature, but one was not, and that’s what I’m capturing in this new request.

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PS Related: Until/if this becomes available, many are unaware that you can currently in Asana achieve very different grouping structures in List view and Board view. I offer that tip here:


Agreed. I am currently using custom field for kanban states (to-do, doing, done). Having the ability to customize sections differently for List and Board view would be great. Even selecting a field for column headers would be good (use Status single-select field as headers).


Thanks, @Michael_Milroy.

Your post reminded me of a related tip, so I just updated my OP here with a postscript; please have a look in case it might be of value.


We need the same in our asana. I, the developer, prefer the Kanban board view for managing my work, being able to see more details per task. The PM + designer prefer the list view for being able to see more tasks at once and their status

One of their pain points with the default setup under the list view, is that with a large backlog, when they are looking to review a number of items under “Review”, everytime you refresh the page, you have to wait for the backlog to load and scroll past or collapse it. This is annoying / cumbersome to them, so they would like to move the backlog down below Review. This then gets copied to my kanban board view. As a kanban user I find the order weird and annoying, to not have it logically flow from left to right

We very much need a solution for the ordering of columns to be separate inside list and board view. And potentially some way for list view optimisations, such as auto collapsing backlog


Just added my vote here. While I think the UX/UI for 'View Dependent Sections" would be tricky (and add complexity to rules involving moving items between sections!) I do think it would be a great feature allowing things

  • Use the list view for project feature management (MVP, Nice To Have, Maybe)
  • Use Board view for Active work (traditional development status columns)
  • Timeline view for the broader Project Management activities that may not go through a dev cycle (Comms plans, Advertising Plans etc.)
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I have a scrum board where I sync tasks with my team. The board has columns like “todo”, “in progress”, “done”, etc. The board works well, and it is easy to move tasks between columns.

But, these tasks also exist in other boards. Especially, they are in the company board, which has its own groups and columns.

I need a way to reflect the task status across different boards.
We have a custom field of “status”, but I cannot tell Asana to automatically update it when I move tasks between columns.
It would be really helpful if the columns reflect this custom field. It would sync all of my tasks across the different boards.

Is this possible?

This seems like an essential feature and a no-brainer. +1!


I would also really really love this feature. This is the primary reason why we do not use the Board Layout at all in Asana, which is also one of the missing features most likely to push us back towards JIRA.

I’ve described the way we currently work around this problem in a short medium article I wrote up: How we shoehorned Agile into Asana | by Jaime (McCandless) Curtis | Medium


Hi @Jaime_McCandless and welcome to the forum,

Great write-up on JIRA vs. Asana!

FYI, you can easily link a custom field to Board columns (sections) using If-Then Rules in my Flowsana integration. Here’s an example of moving a task to a different column based on changing the value of a Status custom field:

You could also go the other direction, so to speak, and create a rule that updates a custom field based on moving a task to a different column.

This feature should become possible with Rules feature even on Asana Premium plan, by using Routing kind of rules. Additionally if you have DONE column, and move only completed tasks there, Agile kind of rules would save you a coupe of clicks as well.

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Hello Asana, the new Rules is great and useful. However, using this to tie between custom fields to columns and project create a lot of redundant work.

The simplest way to sort everyone cross projects status nightmare and to get rid of the needs to create so many projects just to have different views is:

Allow user to select Custom filed and deploy as columns

That’s how you can deploy the columns across projects and keep in sync.
it also allows changing the project view depend on the need such as show the columns per status, or section or priority depend on your custom fields option.


Here is an example from Notion that doing it amazingly


Hi @Shneor :wave:

Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us! We really appreciate it! This is certainly a great idea to explore in the future! :slight_smile:

Have a great week!


Hi all,

I was wondering if it is planned to implement this like other applications (Notion, Coda, AirTable) over this.

I would like to switch columns depending on meta data selected.
This means, I have a huddle board showing Backlog, InProgress, Finished.
I would like to switch to a view that shows “Assigned to” people per column.
Or switch to Priority Type per Column.

I hope this makes sense? I found no similar topic in the forum.

Sorting is not a solution in my case.




Hi @Tom_Solid :wave:

From what I understand your request is similar to this one: Deploy Custom Fields as Board Columns - #3

If it’s OK with you I’m gonna merged your post with this main thread to consolidate feedback.
I would also suggest to add your vote by clicking on the “Vote” button at the very top of the thread!

Have a great Wednesday Tom!


Sure! I didn’t find this. Thanks for the heads up Natalia.

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Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. Any news if this on the Asana roadmap?


Not worries at all @Tom_Solid :smiley:
I don’t have any update to share at the moment but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!


It will save so much work and increase the functionality drastically!. Even with the new Rules, you need to create multiple boards for each custom field (we have 7 levels of this) and create dozens of rules to get near to what this basic functionality can provide.
This feature was needed a long time ago, and every time I thought, ho, they’re probably realising it soon, but not.

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100% Agree

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