How do I move a task to a different section in Project A based on moving it in Project B?

Ah, you didn’t mention that part. Yeah, there’s no Condition for “task is in Project X”.

The only way I know of to do what you’re wanting is to use a global (i.e. library) custom field (or you could use a tag with a rule in our Flowsana integration) to sync the sections in the two projects.

You’d have a rule in the Sprint Planning project of "If task is moved to section In sprint, set the custom field In sprint to Yes. Then also have a rule in the Bugs project of “If custom field In sprint is set to Yes, move the task to the In sprint section”.

Above I’m illustrating using a dropdown list custom field with only one value of Yes, but for a more general approach you could also use a custom field called something like Stage with values of Planned, In sprint, etc.

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