People stuck in board view

It is fascinating to see how some Asana users are focusing so much on the board layout. It is almost like because they have a hammer, they see every single problem as a nail.

I personally don’t like boards so much, compared to lists. I almost never use them. They hide away so much information, you can’t always see custom fields or subtasks at a glance, and you only see a couple of cards on the screen.
In my opinion, they are only good if you’d hope to show a preview of their attachment or want to gamify with the drag-and-drop experience.

If you are a board lover, really consider giving lists a chance, they could rock your world.


Nice topic. Just recently we had a discussion regarding views in our team as many team members are always stuck on one view while all the possible view options are so helpful depending on what you are trying to achieve or do.

I love the board view but again I get your point as it really depends on how your projects are set up and what you are trying to achieve. I use list view a lot as well because as you said, to filter, sort or see custom field entries at a glance this view is just so much better.

On the B2B side of things for client projects, the team recently switched to mainly using the timeline view as it just works best for them.

However all in all I cannot agree more that many people are too focused on just one view and they have to be educated and also “pushed” to play around with all the various view options available to really understand and see what the advantages of each are so they always use the view that works best for what they are trying to achieve.

hehe well yeah one thing I noticed a lot is that some team members scroll and scroll and scroll in board view to find the task they are looking for which would have been easier when using list view or search for example.


Thanks for your testimonial @Andrea_Mayer !


This sums it up pretty good. Also there is never just “one way to do it”.


It is definitely position-specific which is why Asana is great. Any team can use it for their purposes. My IT team uses board view for support tickets as it is a familiar layout to them as well as a high-level overview of what they need to focus in on.


@Bastien_Siebman, thank you for your insights. I definitely agree that in most cases lists are the better fit, and they are generally more powerful than boards. Personally, I use both lists and boards for different projects, depending on the need. I find that boards can be a good fit for projects that have a relatively small number of active/incomplete tasks. Otherwise, too much scrolling or filtering is needed, and the board could become overwhelming.