Is Automatically Moving Tasks Possible

We are a real estate team who has multiple construction projects happening at once. Each project has 3 stages.
We have each construction project listed as a “section” in a single Asana project.

Is there a way to have a construction project automatically move from custom field to another when a set block of tasks are completed in that Section?

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Hi @Jeffrey

As far as I am aware you cannot do this. However, you can use the Dependency option to have a task getting into your inbox when all the tasks it is dependent on is marked as done. When you have a task in your inbox you can just update its section.

Alas, there is no automatic way of doing it, sorry!

Another alternative is to use Zapier. You can connect your asana and trigger a zap when a specific task is marked as complete. This requires you a little tinkering around though.


You can also have someone build something specific using Asana API.


Hmm, this is standard stuff on other Kanban boards, hopefully it will be addressed soon.