Boards - Automatically move completed tasks to the "Completed" column

I have created a project workflow board with swim lanes for tasks. Once a task is completed it would be great to have it automatically move into the completed swim lane rather than manually having to move it over.

I have just created a Board View layout for the project me and my team are working on and find it very user friendly and more organised than the list layout. However, I would like to suggest an enhancement for the board view layout.

Say you have a column name “Completed”, it would be a brilliant feature if the tasks marked “Completed” automatically moved to the “Completed” column without having to drag them manually. Alternatively, the colour scheme to identify the the category of each task such as green for completed, amber for in progress, red for overdue e.t.c


I’d also love to see this feature - or even the adverse, a task becomes completed by putting it into the completed swim lane. Give a trigger to a particular column name to do a certain thing when a task is put there.

Could work the same for an In Progress column, if you have a custom field of In Progress - it changes the task for you.

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This would be a very helpful functionality especially when you have a task being part of boards on multiple projects. Currently you have to move completed task to the Done column in project one, then go into project two and move it to the Done column there as well. This is functionality that is standard in Flow (a competitor), and would be very helpful.


This would be one of the most useful features for working with multiple teams over multiple boards. Love to see this feature in the future as it would definitely improve our workflow.

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Hi folks,

FYI if interested, this exact functionality is available with Flowsana:

You can also add in the corollary rule, “If a task is put in the ‘Done’ column, mark it complete.” That way it doesn’t matter which way your users perform the completion, it will always be done in both ways. You can apply this across multiple projects as well.

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Lots of demand for that feature here, too:

Just want to respond and say we’d really like this feature too! People check stuff off on their personal task lists and it doesn’t get auto-moved to the “Done” column, which ends up really cluttering up the board.

It would be nice if there was an optional setting on the project board view to specify which column of the board a task should automatically move to when it’s marked as complete. Perhaps this would be a flag on the column itself? Many kanbans have a “Completed” column on the far right and this feature would help keep things clean when viewing all tasks and not just the incomplete ones.

You can achieve this with Flowsana cc @Phil_Seeman
but not in Asana by itself (yet)

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Hi @MichaelHill and welcome to the Forum!

We already have an existing thread on this topic, so i’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to gather all votes and feedback in one place; hope you don’t mind!

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my team is also looking to use this feature

What I would like to see:
As simple as it sounds: drag a task to a Done column and it is marked as completed task by itself. It could be some simple flag of this column.
What I see for now:
Some tasks in done column are not marked as complete and some complete tasks are not dragged to done column by my co-workers.

Yes! I was just about to request this feature. When my team uses boards, we almost always have a list at the far right labeled “Complete” or “Archive.” The problem is that some people will move tasks to that list but won’t mark them complete. It would be great if there was some sort of feature where you could create a board with the last list being this “auto-complete” list and whenever a task is moved to that list, it’s automatically marked complete. Thanks for your consideration, Asana!


And vice versa. If a task is marked as completed it should be automatically moved to the Done column

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Yes, we have the same issue here. It should be possible to indicate that a certain column = task complete. Moving tasks in marks them complete, moving them out clears the complete flag.

Yes! This feature would prevent confusion for our team as well.

Would like this feature as well

FYI this capability is available as an If-Then Rule in Flowsana:

I would like to see this as a native feature - I would assume that most people create Boards in Kanban style.

Having a workflow pattern (IFTTT) would help with other parts of Asana too.

FYI - I know that this functionality already exists in Jira.