Boards - Automatically move completed tasks to the "Completed" column



I have created a project workflow board with swim lanes for tasks. Once a task is completed it would be great to have it automatically move into the completed swim lane rather than manually having to move it over.

Completed Tasks in Board VIew Layout

I have just created a Board View layout for the project me and my team are working on and find it very user friendly and more organised than the list layout. However, I would like to suggest an enhancement for the board view layout.

Say you have a column name “Completed”, it would be a brilliant feature if the tasks marked “Completed” automatically moved to the “Completed” column without having to drag them manually. Alternatively, the colour scheme to identify the the category of each task such as green for completed, amber for in progress, red for overdue e.t.c


I’d also love to see this feature - or even the adverse, a task becomes completed by putting it into the completed swim lane. Give a trigger to a particular column name to do a certain thing when a task is put there.

Could work the same for an In Progress column, if you have a custom field of In Progress - it changes the task for you.


This would be a very helpful functionality especially when you have a task being part of boards on multiple projects. Currently you have to move completed task to the Done column in project one, then go into project two and move it to the Done column there as well. This is functionality that is standard in Flow (a competitor), and would be very helpful.