Auto-complete tasks dragged to Done column



What I would like to see:
As simple as it sounds: drag a task to a Done column and it is marked as completed task by itself. It could be some simple flag of this column.
What I see for now:
Some tasks in done column are not marked as complete and some complete tasks are not dragged to done column by my co-workers.


Yes! I was just about to request this feature. When my team uses boards, we almost always have a list at the far right labeled “Complete” or “Archive.” The problem is that some people will move tasks to that list but won’t mark them complete. It would be great if there was some sort of feature where you could create a board with the last list being this “auto-complete” list and whenever a task is moved to that list, it’s automatically marked complete. Thanks for your consideration, Asana!


And vice versa. If a task is marked as completed it should be automatically moved to the Done column


Yes, we have the same issue here. It should be possible to indicate that a certain column = task complete. Moving tasks in marks them complete, moving them out clears the complete flag.


Yes! This feature would prevent confusion for our team as well.


Would like this feature as well


FYI this capability is available as an If-Then Rule in Flowsana: