Add Mark task as completed directly from the board view

This will make it easier to complete tasks (similarly to the list view). I don’t understand why this button is not available in the board view.


Thanks for the likes! In my opinion, the suggested functionality would make using the board view so much more convenient!

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Yes, Please add this functionality!

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Please add this functionality!

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+1 I would love this function

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can’t understand why this wasn’t available from the beginning. Can’t believe users have to ask for it.

yes! another vote for this functionality.

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The boards make items easy to see/use. Adding this feature definitely streamlines my use of the board.

Yes! This is a really obvious feature to me. It’s a real pain having to open the task, click complete and then close it again.

I also think that archive should be an option in the drop down rather than just delete.

Yes please add this!!

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I have just created a Board View layout for the project me and my team are working on and find it very user friendly and more organised than the list layout. However, I would like to suggest an enhancement for the board view layout.

Say you have a column name “Completed”, it would be a brilliant feature if the tasks marked “Completed” automatically moved to the “Completed” column without having to drag them manually. Alternatively, the colour scheme to identify the the category of each task such as green for completed, amber for in progress, red for overdue e.t.c


Friendly reminder to vote for this feature at the top of this thread :slight_smile:

For background see

I can’t tell if this was mentioned explicitly. From a Kanban perspective, moving the ‘card’ or task to a specific column should automatically close the task.

One commenter also mentioned that marking complete from the board view, without opening the task, should move it to a completed column. I think these are essentially the same outcome accomplished two different ways: mark complete (trigger a move) or move (trigger completed status).

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Please add this functionality. Its much easier


image Hi, please add the task complete option here, thanks.! =)

Yup. Just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to complete a task on a board. Just silly that I have to go to tasks. Also… this implies the task is assigned to someone as it doesn’t look like it can be completed otherwise.

Can’t believe the complete button isn’t visible and you must open the card. Seriously?

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This is a no-brainer change for me, and would improve my daily workflow.

As an additional note, I think the Board view could be improved by adding more tasks that you can complete from the Board view without opening a given task. Completing a task is only one potential feature here.

Yes, this feature would be great. This could also be done by adding shortcuts that worked on hover.

How is this not live yet?!

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