Checkbox on cards in Board View

It’d be great to be able to mark a task complete directly on its card in board view.


I agree! I would love to have the checkbox button on cards in board view when I hover over a card.

I couldn’t agree more. This functionality is available in list view so I cannot imagine it would be difficult to incorp into the board view as well. Can’t wait for this and for the switch back and forth between board and list view. If you who read this haven’t voted on that please vote to get that prioritised. It would actually be great for us to be able to pick what we want as quick links from these, I use Harvest Time Tracker and I’d love to see that as a quick link option as well as the completion checkbox.

Awesome! I was wanting this as well! Would make life so much easier not having to open each one to mark complete. :slight_smile:

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@Kim_Kelleher and others,

Actually, this was added some months ago:


It’s not quite as easy as List View–you have to click the overflow menu (". . .") first in order to get to it, but better than before.


Thank you! Yes I was envisioning a check mark button like the list view or subtasks. :smiley: