Checkmark vs "Done" Column



In moving cards through the following custom columns, (“To Do” “In Progress” “Done”) I’d like cards to receive a checkmark when moved to done, and/or move to done when checked “complete”. I know the done column is common, is there any way to sync the checkmark and the done column?


Board columns affect task status

Hi @Drew_Giovannoli — There isn’t a way to automatically check off a task as complete when you move it to the ‘Done’ column in product. I think you could use our open API to create logic where a task moving from one column to the next adjusts the completion state of that task (@Sara to fact-check me if this is in fact possible).

You can adjust the total view of the project to only see Incomplete tasks. If you start to have a lot of completed tasks (yay for accomplishments! :slight_smile:) cluttering up your Board, you could remove your ‘Done’ column and toggle the project view to show Completed Tasks ( or create an Advanced Search ( when you want to see what’s been completed from the project.


I would second Drew’s request for this native feature! Did @Sara ever confirm this is possible in the API?


Please! This feature is a must!


Hi, I’m new to Asana and came across this discussion.

However, I think done vs completed and checked are not always the same.
For example, we use boards in our Bug Tracking project and whenever a bug is fixed and moved to the column “done”, there might be a chance that customer or quality control keep it open for several reasons, so the card can be moved back to “in progress” column and then “done” before actually being marked as checked (or completed).

Regarding the Product/Project planning, we’re still setting the environment and trying to apply best practices in Agile and Asana. I’ll let you know my feedback!



I wish this was built in on the app, as well. How many votes does it need to move it up?


I can’t believe this isn’t built-in as an option and upon exploring the API how unnecessarily convoluted the process is to create a such a simple webhook to watch for changes -> if Task column changed to “Done” -> mark complete. Back to Jira it is.


I had a look at Zapier and there is no option to track the movement between boards, or to conversely move boards when marked complete. Why is there so little automation options inside Asana. It’s a huge weakness in my books. I like the simplicity, but being forced to do manual things that could be automated is silly in this day and age.


I was thinking about setting up an automation in Zapier that deletes the done task after creating a new task that is marked as complete in my done column, but couldn’t figure out a way to make it work. Am currently trying out Asana after using Trello heavily and the lack of this feature is close to being a deal breaker. In general it seems that the API doesn’t expose nearly as much functionality (at least not through Zapier)


Even better: Automate movement through the columns based on card status… like GH automated projects.


I agree, this would be a great option to have on a board. But I do think it should be an option, not a default.


Please add this feature, even as an option!


Meister Task has this feature, can we please have this


+1 … please add this feature…


Maybe assigning rules to a column would solve this and add more future options.

‘Done’ -> rule: mark as done
‘Review’ -> rule: assign to person x

  • ‘Mark as done’ should be ‘Mark as complete’


this is very essential feature


+1 for sure. It would be nice to see all completed items greyed out in one column


Hi is this still not possible? Definitely makes using the board view more difficult because tasks in our ‘Complete’ / ‘Done’ columns are still showing up on team’s ‘My Tasks’ as incomplete.

Was there ever an answer on whether this is possible with API, looks like mid last-year wasn’t possible, anything changed?


FYI you can accomplish this with Flowsana - you can read about it here (in fact you can see a little demo of this exact rule in action):