Boards: how manage complete tasks

I use kanban in some scenario, but how a task can be visualized completed in Asana and contribute to the progress metric?

My actual kanban has siloed tasks in columns (research, design, build, …), not a workflow spanning columns (current, done, …, icebox). Can’t find a complete button and there is no swimlane separating active and completed tasks.

Any help will be appreciated.



Great question, @antonio.

If you click into any of the tasks, you will then see a “Complete” button (screenshot below):

and completed tasks will show as grayed out in the Board. (screenshot below)

Additionally, you can Filter out the completed tasks if you only want to see tasks left to do.


Hey @Kaitie,

Thanks so much, this solved. Is that the “Complete button” looked more like a “this is a task” icon to me :slight_smile:, so I was wrong. Now I will enter a into parse & mark complete session in my kanban.

Have a nice weekend.


Shouldn’t it be an option to check off tasks/cards without opening the task itself? Sometimes that’s all you need, and since Asana isn’t the fastest horse opening tasks to just check off seems like an unnecessary step.


They just need to add an Archive option to the cards and any of the lists, just like in Trello.


YES to this. As a developer and UX specialist, I’m astonished at this - you need to add a “task complete” option on the face of the card, not requiring us to open it up. The opening is slow also - what happened to AJAX? But back to marking complete - there are currently two icons in bottom left, “assignee” and “schedule”. This would be a good place to add the “complete” checkmark. Or, have the icon lead the text. Or, use the bottom-right dropdown which currently only offers the “delete” function.

Can you please task one developer with handling this little detail ASAP? thanks :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it be better to just have an option to mark the last column as “Done”. That way tasks being draged there would automatically be ticked off.


Yes!!! Please add an archive feature for Cards and Columns - Hugely advantageous when using Kanban view.!The completed task list can end up miles and miles (or pixels and pixels) long!


I just noticed this morning that there’s a switcher in the top right corner of boards for switching views.

I don’t personally like the idea that when I drag a task to “Done” that it disappear, because I like to do weekly reviews. This view switcher solves that by letting you choose to see all, incomplete or tasks completed in a certain period.

This feature was added in February: New for Boards: filter tasks and view project description - The Asana Blog

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That being said, it would be nice to be able to see incomplete and complete in a range (or preferably, since what I declare as beginning of my week).

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