Customization Help for Helpdesk Project

Hi there,

We’ve recently moved from Zendesk to Asana for IT support requests. It’s going well so far, but I’m now looking to tinker rules, etc. so that it looks and acts more like a helpdesk ticketing system and could use some direction:

  1. Right now, I have a rule where once a task is marked Complete, it’s moved to the Complete section on our board. However, if someone responds after that, I’d like for the task to be marked as Reopened and moved to the corresponding section. I tried to create a multi-step rule, but since all updates are posted as comments, it would just reopen the task without anyone commenting after it was marked Complete.

In other words, here’s the ideal workflow: Task is marked Complete > Task is moved to Complete section (already existing rule) > Collaborator who originally made the requests posts a comment > Task is marked Incomplete > Task Progress is set to Reopened > Task is moved to Reopened section

The original multi-step rule I had set up was IF: -Task is marked Complete -Comment is added THEN: -Mark task Incomplete > Move Task to Reopened, but that just sent every task marked Complete to the Reopened section since every task had comments on it – but none were added after it was marked Complete.

  1. Is there a way to hide fields on tasks? Since Task Progress is read-only because it’s copied from a template (??), I had to clone the Task Progress section so that I could add custom statuses (Reopened, Scheduled, Awaiting Response) that aren’t covered by the default. So now there are two Task Progress areas. In the Customize area, I toggled the default one off, but that only hides it from the Board view. If you open a task, you see both fields, which is both confusing and annoying.

  2. Along with Awaiting Response, I’m planning to add a Replied option to the Task Progress options. I’d like a corresponding rule where the Task Progress is set to Replied when a collaborator who isn’t Assigned to the task makes a comment on a task that’s set to Awaiting Response.

That’s all I’m looking for right now, but if you are also using Asana as a helpdesk and have any other tips and tricks that help you, please let me know!

Thank you!!

Of course I immediately thought of another one: When someone submits their request through the Form we have set up, is there a rule I can create where the submitter is automatically added as a collaborator to the task generated from their form submission?