How do you handle unfinished tasks in weekly sprint

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We use the kanban view for our weekly sprints. We meet every Monday morning and drag cards from backlog to “sprint” column, we assign them and estimate how many hour will it take among other details. As soon as anyone start with a task, they drag it to “in progress”. When it’s finished, to “done”. Then next monday we review and drag “done” to “Q(n) archive”.
Sometimes it happens that tasks were underestimated and they remain unfinished from one week to the other, and here it is the issue.
If I couldn’t finish a 16hs task one week, I’ll need to keep the card the next one. If I reuse the card, and I estimate that I need 4 more hours, then I end up with a single card of only 4hs, and does not represent reality. If I add 4 hours to the initial 16, I end up with a card with 20hs (good for the record) but a quick look into my sprint will look like I have a big task, but I don’t. Duplicating the card is the workaround I chose, but it’s unpractical, takes time, you quickly lose track of the prior progress made, due dates result confusing, etc.
I guess there’s many people using Asana for their weekly sprints, how do you handle this scenario?
I feel like there’s some functionality missing, but I’m not sure what I am looking for.

Looking forward to your ideas :bulb:

What about creating a subtask inside the 16hours card, to hold the 4 hours, and add that card to the project as well? This way it is both an actual card in the board AND you have the link between the two :man_shrugging:

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