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We’ve recently starting using Asana and I’m a bit confused about the best way to use it in conjunction with sprints. At the moment we’ve got a backlog asana project and Sprint Board project. But we’ve gotten to the end of our first sprint in asana, and I’m not sure what a good way get a clean sprint board is. Do you guys create a new board for each sprint or delete all the completed tasks, or some other strategy? Neither seems ideal, as the former leaves us with between 25 and 50 boards per year, more if there are multiple concurrent projects which need their own board. The latter means deleting all traces of completed work.

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Great question, @Alex1, and I’d love to hear how other teams manage this.

We have some basic recommendations on this on the Guide here: and we recently hosted a webinar with one of the PMs at Asana, Lili, where she shows in detail how we manage the ongoing sprint project at Asana. You can check that out here:

As she explains in the recording, we keep everything in a Backlog project and only move it into the current sprint’s section in the Sprint project once it is scoped and ready to be worked on. Then there is a new section for each sprint, and if something carries over it moves from one section to the next. Hope that might help.


Can you check off completed items at the end of the sprint, and just create new section headings? This means you’re not deleting anything…you could turn on seeing All tasks (included completed tasks) for a history of what’s been done previously.



Agreed. The beauty of Asana is that you never have to delete “all traces of completed work.” Instead, as @Todd_Cavanaugh mentions, you’re able to check off tasks and view them in a “completed tasks” view or search for them at anytime. I strongly advocate checking off tasks so you can view a history rather than deleting tasks.


Thanks for the advice, folks. Looks like they added a feature which did exactly what I wanted, a way to filter out completed tasks on boards, about a day after I posted my question. You guys really respond to feature requests quick :grinning:


The url to the video isn’t available anymore ( Is there anyway we can see this as we have recently switched to Asana and keen to adopt Sprints! :slight_smile:


where can I view the recording of the webinar on managing sprint projects? link takes to Asana Academy


Personally, I create a New Project for each Sprint (Sprint #4 - Apr 23 - Apr 27) and drag and drop my tasks to it. If I didn’t complete any of them, I move to the next project Sprint. For me, it gets more organized :slight_smile: