Best Practices for Managing & Archiving Sprints

Hello - I’m relatively new to Asana; what are some Best Practices for being able to archive completed sprints?

I have each sprint segmented into its own section, and they’re cluttering up my project. It looks like moving the section to an archive project doesn’t work, and that sections with no open activities can’t be hidden.

How do people handle this?


My preferred approach is to recast that project as “Current Sprint.”

One time, archive the previous sprints’ tasks to either a) their own individual archived projects, or b) one archived project with sections for each past sprint. First make the project(s) and sections you need, then multi-select each sprint’s tasks, sprint-by-sprint, and use the bottom multi-select toolbar to add them to the desired project (and optionally section) and then remove from the Current Sprint project. Finally, remove the empty past sprint sections from Current Sprint.

Going forward, at the end or each sprint, do the above for the just-completed sprint, but you won’t have sections anymore, just multi-select all completed tasks for archiving.

Hope that helps,



Thanks Larry! I had stumbled into most of this, I like the idea of using a ‘Current Sprint’ too. I do have other sections that will hold backlog, documentation, and other longer term items that aren’t in a sprint so I plan to keep those separated.


That sounds good, @Kevin_Moore3. Also, if you find your backlog growing and wanting to have some more order to it, consider sequestering that in its own “Backlog” project, then you could add more organization with a “Ready/Refined” section, for example.