Quick tips on how to keep a sprint board clean.

I’m designing a workflow within Asana using the ‘re-home’ feature to have tasks in multiple projects.

In short, I have a main project where I keep all the major documentation (agreements, scope etc) as well as reports. This is also where I author all of our sprint tasks (epics → user stories → acceptance criteria). Things start to get cluttered and messy QUICK.

The Solution

To fix that issue I’ve created a sprint project with four columns: Backlog | Todo | Doing | Done (standard kanban). The magic is, only tasks for THAT sprint appear here. Before the scrum meeting I load up the backlog with potential tasks. We run through it with the dev team and select out what can fit into the Todo column and everything else gets quickly un-re-homed (quite the word).

This means the development team has a clean board to work with each week. Anything that doesn’t get done gets swept back into the backlog and reprioritized for the next sprint.

Does anyone else have a system like this? Any tips or suggestions on how to make it better?

:memo: - this also helps when working with outside dev teams as they don’t get access to sensitive information in the main project.


Good work :muscle:

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That sounds good, @Jeremy21. My suggestion would be to consider an “evergreen” project for the sprint, along the lines of my Forum Leader Tip here:

Just substitute sprints for the marketing requests example.

Also, any reason you’ve posted this only for Ambassadors? I can move it for you to Tips and Tricks so hundreds of thousands more than see it if you’d like!



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I would appreciate that. My initial reason for posting here was to improve the process. It works well but I imagine it can be enhanced :partying_face:

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