Workflows (Rules) for Projects? Eg. Transfering a task to a new project if not completed within a certain timeframe?

Hello! Wondering if anyone has any tips or if it’s even possible to do what I’m wanting.

I’d like to have a project for each fortnightly sprint. Sometimes, items in the sprint do not get completed and need to be transfered to the next fortnight’s sprint.

So the workflow I’m looking to make is : If Project One is marked complete then tasks not completed are moved to Project Two.

I can’t find any options in the rules sections which actually corespond with the projects themselves and not just the taks. Any ideas, hints or tips? :thinking:

Hi @RebeccaCS , unfortunately there is no native support by Asana’s Rules to trigger based on the status of a project (being completed). Rules in Asana will only act upon the task that is being triggered.

I’m not sure how a project could be marked ‘complete’ if there are still ‘incomplete’ tasks remaining… :thinking: but for the time being, the best would be to review all incomplete tasks (set a filter) and then multi-home them into the next sprint by adding them (instead of moving them) so you don’t loose insight of what was actually not completed in the previous sprints.

For multihoming several tasks at once, you could follow this quick guide:


Had you considered flipping the script a bit? I describe the approach here and the post linked within:

I think this is a better long-term strategy, and doesn’t require the functionality you requested that @Richard_Sather explained isn’t available anyway.

Thanks for considering,


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