Delete and/or Remove Completed Task with Rule

@Thilo_Roscheisen wrote a very good break down of this issue. I haven’t been able to cast my “vote” on similar topics, so I’m starting a new thread and hopefully no one will close this thread since this is VERY important.

I use Asana very similar to Thilo in our newsroom (Delete completed tasks automatically). I use Asana to help me keep up with stories that we follow.

I currently have a rule set up that is suppose to move a task that is either marked complete or past a due date to be moved to another project. However, the rule will place the old/completed task in both projects. IF I were to delete the task, I would have to be careful to disconnect it from one project, otherwise I could lose it completely.

My workaround for this is to create an archive at the bottom of the main project AND move it to a separate project. The downside to this is that it makes my main project VERY crowded and difficult to navigate.

I’d like to archive the tasks into a different project. I don’t really want to “delete” it because I rely on Asana to help me look back at other tasks to bring context to a new task. I don’t want to completely crowd up my main project.

I cannot stress how important this feature would be to me, Thilo, and other news professionals who use this platform. Please, please, PLEASE add a feature to delete a task in a project through a rule and make this an important change in your features roadmap. Thank you.

Hi @Brandon_Tabor and welcome to the forum,

Moving a task to another project, rather than adding it to another project, is available via custom rules for the Business and Enterprise subscription levels. I’m guessing you’re at the Premium level so no custom rules, though?

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Yes, I am at the premium level - Business subscription. Yes, the action will move a task to another project. I do want to move the task to another project (Project B). But, I also want to add a rule that will delete the task from the previous project (Project A). I don’t want to just add it to a task. Does this make sense?

Just moving it from Project A to Project B and leaving the task in Project A (whether it’s moved to a different section within the project or not) clutters that project. Also, if I then delete the task from Project A, I will have to click into it to make sure that I don’t delete the task completely, because it will delete it from both projects.

No, I’m afraid not! This rule action should do exactly what you’re saying you want - it will remove the task from the current project and add it to the project specified in the rule action:


That’s not moving it. Moving it (per the screenshot above) means adding it to Project B and removing it from Project A.

No, it does not. The rule will move it to Project B, but there’s no way to also tell the rule to remove it from Project A.

Also, please read the entire quote. You took my quote…

out of context. The entire quote says…

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about in my project. This is showing an archive at the bottom of my main project (Project A). It is cluttering up Project A…

I’ve set up a rule to move a completed task to Project B, but the rule will just keep the completed task on Project A as well as on Project B. As a work around, I had to create an extra action to the rule to move the completed action to an archive section at the bottom of Project A.

Project B is already serving as an archive. Yes, the move rule does what it is “suppose” to do, but I want a rule to do more. I’m asking for a rule to DELETE the task from a project.

Forget “moving” something. If you want to get to the point of what I’m asking for… I want a rule to DELETE a task from a project.

Hi @Brandon_Tabor,

Then you must have some other rule(s) or automations in place that are interacting with that rule. Because the Asana rule action I showed in my screenshot does exactly what I said it does, which is what you indicate you’re wanting - it moves a task out of the project where the rule exists, and moves it into the target project specified in the rule action. I just tested it again to make 100% certain that it does do that.

So either I’m still misunderstanding and the above is not what you’re wanting, or there is another piece of the puzzle that you haven’t given us beyond the simple use of that one rule to move a task out of one project and into another.

What I would do in your shoes is delete or pause all of the rules in that project except the one rule, “If task is marked complete, move it to [archive project name].” Then make sure there are no rules in any other projects that might be referencing that project. Then test it. You might also want to create two new projects just temporarily for testing purposes, and add the rule to one of them, then add a task to it and mark it complete - I am positive Asana will move it to the other project and out of that one, as you say you’re wanting. Then you can investigate what’s different between those projects and your real ones.

Hi, @Phil_Seeman .

I see what you’re saying and I made the changes. I apologize. You were right. I had it set to add project originally AND move. I overlooked that and I apologize.

However, I did notice something else.

When I marked a project in Project A complete, it didn’t move it to the appropriate section in Project B as directed in the rule.

I recorded a screenshot of me doing this which you can see here:

What am I missing here?

Yay, happy that’s working now!

There must be some other rule(s) that are colliding with that one. Try pausing the other rules in the project, see if it works then (it should, I would think). Then turn them on one by one until it breaks; there’s your culprit.

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