Remove from Project Rule action

I would like to be able to remove a task from a specific project based on a trigger (i.e. - task completion).


Hi @Jeff_Kassel, thanks for providing this feedback!

While it’s not possible to remove a task from a project without adding it to another with Rules, hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:


Whilst not able to be done in Asana, there are integration tools like Integromat, Flowsana and Zapier that can do this.



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I would also like this ability. We have scenarios where we create an ‘external’ project which contains a subset of the tasks from the main project. We do this to share the tasks of the project that require external (guest) feedback and completion. This way those external sources can view their portion of the project easily in Asana. It is helpful to use a rule to allow our internal team to quickly/easily add tasks to this external project. However, without and ‘action’ to remove from a project, we can’t setup a rule to do the opposite, which then means internal staff need to learn two things to accomplish one primary goal: sharing/unsharing tasks.

Would love to see this as an option in the future in the rule building applet.

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I am trying to find a way to remove all projects, once I move that tasking to a different project under the same team. The taskings is started by the management but then moved to employees but with an additional project added for that set of employees. Once completed the managers must manual remove the second project from the tasking. This takes time since the tasking my be assigned to multiple projects before being complete. Once verified compete the tasking is moved to completed tasking project that is held for one year (To reference back if needed). I am looking for a way to remove all projects once I move that tasking to the completed project. Any help is welcomed.

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@Phil_Seeman - can you shed some light as to whether this is possible in Flowsana? I’m not seeing an option to remove the task from a project.

I am aware and have been using the “move to another project” rule, but once the task is in two projects after an “add to another project” action, the moving doesn’t remove it from the source project.


Try the Flowsana “Move to project” rule action - it should work differently than the Asana one. The Flowsana rule action should remove it from the source project even if it already exists in the target (i.e. the “move to”) project.

HI @Phil_Seeman , great work with Flowsana!

Yes, Asana seems to do the following in the below scenarios:

Scenario 1:

  1. Task X is in Project A.
  2. Rule ‘Move task to another project’, to Project B.
  3. Task X is removed from Project A and appears in Project B only.
    Great, but…

Scenario 2:

  1. Task X is multi-homed in Project A & C.
  2. Rule ‘Move task to another project’, to Project B.
  3. Task X is removed from Project A and appears in Project B but still appears in Project C also :confused:

So in Flowsana, is it possible to do the following?:

  1. Task X is multi-homed in Project A & C.
  2. Rule ‘Move task to another project’, to Project B.
  3. Task X is removed from Project A & C (all projects it is multi-homed) and appears in Project B only…?


No, that’s not currently possible (as you discovered). That would probably require adding a real “remove from project” rule action. It’s an interesting use case and something for us to think about for the future.


Hi. Flowsana is not an option for us currently. Would be great if this could be added to the functionality within Asana (I actually only need this functionality, because other functionality – i.e. multiple due-dates – is not available…)
Thank you!

I would support that development Phil. Funny enough the workaround I am developing to deal with “convert to subtask” pulling tasks out of the home I have them in, is multi homing.

However, when a process is completed for the year I will need to remove several tasks from 2 of the 3 projects they will be linked to so this would be helpful


Hey there!

I’m looking for something similar. We have multiple projects but I have a rule in each project that automatically moves tasks from that project to another project one assigned to a particular staff. The other project services as a repository for all tasks assigned to a particular department.

Once it’s in the consolidated project and the task gets assigned to someone else outside of that department, I don’t see any rule that removes the tasks from the consolidated project.

If someone out there does the same thing, consolidating tasks into one project, how do you usually handle this use case?

Thank you!