Remove from Project Rule action

I’d love to have this feature! Currently we’re doing a kind of hacky process where we “Move” a task that’s plugged into 3-4 projects into 1 new project. It’s not ideal and the Rules tend to chug, but currently we have no way of removing additional irrelevant projects when a task hits a certain completion stage and gets moved to our “Live” project.

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Yes, I would like this rule tool. We have a planning board and when tasks are in action, they move to another board. But my team forget to remove it from the planning board.

I keep seeing comments where someone from Asana has “merged to another post with more votes” but I can’t see it referenced anywhere here.

I have flowsana, but I find it annoying when I can’t create the rule in Asana using the External actions. I’ll forget where I created the rule if I set it up directly in Flowsana.

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This is that post! Scroll to the top or just click Remove from Project Rule action, then click the purple Vote button.



Thanks. I was getting confused because it was saying “merged your post into an existing thread” but couldn’t find another one. Already voted :slight_smile:


Thats exactly my use case, did you find a good workaround for now?
I currently have a section called “things done” but its getting massive as multiple tasks dont need to get talked about again but are still open to dos in other projects.

It woulde be quite helpful if this Remove from Project Rule was created.


Going to put another comment here to say that the “Remove from Project” feature would be extremely helpful. Especially when managing a project that is shared with an external partner where there’s a trigger to share on an external project.

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback in this thread!

Today, I’m excited to announce we have started rolling out a new action that allows you to automatically remove a task from the project via rules :tada:

This action will be available soon to all Business and Enterprise customers! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the Tips and Tricks category.


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