Feature Request: Remove task from specific project

Hello, I was very excited when the “Remove from Project” rule action was launched this year. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t cover the use case we have at our company.

We are using Asana for agile sprint planning. We have a number of projects related to particular software artifacts, which have sections “Inbox”, “Backlog”, “Ready for Sprint” and “Current Sprint”. Moreover, we have two global projects named “Current Sprint” and “Upcoming Sprint”, which are used to aggregate all tasks that are in the “Current Sprint” and “Ready for Sprint” sections of all projects, respectively. In order to achieve this, I created rules that add a task to a particular project once it has been moved to a particular section. However, what I want to achieve is removing a task from the “Upcoming Sprint” board once it has been moved from the “Ready for Sprint” into the “Current Sprint” section, which is currently not possible because I can only remove the task from the project the rule is owned by. I am aware that I could possibly achieve what I want to do by adding those rules to the “Current Sprint” and “Upcoming Sprint” boards, but that implies that new rules have to be added whenever a new project is added, which does not scale well.

It would be nice if the “Remove from Project” action allowed to select a particular project to remove the task from, in addition to just the project the rule is owned by.

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Hi @Gunnar_Schulze, welcome to the forum and thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:
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You can add a rule to the originating projects to change a custom field depending on the section, and then add a rule to the global “Ready for Sprint” project to remove from the global project depending on the field change.
I agree that it’s a bit of trouble. We can prepare rules in project templates. The bundle feature is probably Asana’s next step in applying the same set of rules to multiple projects easily, although that feature is only available in Enterprise+.

HI @Gunnar_Schulze , I had a similar challenge and managed it by introducing custom fields. Once a task moves to a section the custom field changes accordingly via a rule. Since these custom fields are inherited when multi-homed, you could create a rule in the “Upcoming Sprint” project that removes the task, when the custom field has a specific value.

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