Delete completed tasks automatically

Please give us an option to delete completed tasks after an adjustable time period, say 8 days or 6 months or 12 months.

Apparently the dev team has decided that we should never delete tasks. While that might be fine for one-off projects, it’s a nightmare for ongoing processes like editorial organization. We just had to manually delete more than 2.000 completed tasks that built up within just a couple of months.

We plan to use this editorial project for years. How is this going to work, if we can’t automatically delete completed tasks? Ending up with hundreds of thousands of completed tasks in a project? Really? And no, we can’t just delete the project from time to time, because it’s an ongoing process with hundreds of active tasks.

What’s worse, all those completed tasks slow down and clog up the search results with irrelevant, long finished tasks. It’s also not helpful when you have repeating tasks with the same title. Searching for it brings up dozens of completed tasks, making it much harder to find what you’re looking for. Which is, in 99% of cases, uncompleted tasks.

Some desperate users resort to workarounds like creating an “archive” project and rules to move completed tasks to this project. This would work, if the tasks would actually be “moved” – so far there is only the possibility to add a task to a project, meaning it will still hang around in the original project. So you still have to manually delete those tasks from time to time.

Seriously, guys? Don’t you think users should be able decide how to deal with completed tasks for themselves instead of your team deciding to force some highfalutin “never delete anything” philosophy on everybody?

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