Almost 10 years of projects - How to clean // bulk complete // delete


My company has been using ASANA since 2013. We have 89K uncompleted tasks, and 2500 uncompleted but have a due date and are past due.

Beyond delete the projects the old uncompleted tasks are in, are there better options to mark them all complete before a set date? or some other way to bulk improve this?

How do people manage tasks archiving when they exist as a list of things but not necessary intend to be done (for instance in templates where all tasks dont get used or gotten to).


You maybe were not aware that when you delete a project, its assigned tasks and tasks associated to other projects will not get deleted (all other tasks will).

In general . . .

If you’re on a paid plan, then you can use Advanced Search with whatever parameters (there are lots of good ones hidden in menus behind the Add filter at the bottom) are helpful to target what you’re looking for, then multi-select up to 50 at a time for batch actions.

Decide if more appropriate to mark complete or to delete (no history then).

For tasks you intend to delete that are in projects you intend to delete, it might help to first go project-by-project, or advance search for tasks in any of those project, and address just the tasks (mentioned above) that are either multi-homed or assigned (or both) and multi-select those and unassign and remove from other projects. Why is this faster? Because that allows you to then delete the project and know you won’t leave around orphaned tasks.

Hope that helps,


I had to do a similar thing for a client, and wrote a code. It archived 800 projects that did not have any incomplete tasks anymore. Some of my tools can help iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations otherwise custom code works fine :slight_smile:

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