Deleting or Archiving old Projects

Hello! I am a recently hired PM for my team (first one ever on the team) and am trying to figure out what to do with very old projects/tasks. The team has tasks on the board from 2021 that were never moved to done or completed. Curious if I should just delete the projects/tasks since they are extremely irrelevant at this point or archive it all? We are starting brand new with Asana if that helps. Thanks!


I have a tendency to be conservative when cleaning up my Asana. I’ll complete old tasks that are no longer relevant and archive the projects.

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I agree with Christine in regards to archiving old projects.
I‘d probably even also move all old projects into a separate team where you can store all archived projects. Then you can start fresh since you mentioned you will set everything up from scratch.

Now in regards to tasks I have been seeing different comments here on the forum, some just mark the task as complete, others move them to an archived project, etc.

Here is an idea I recommend as this will allow you to still filter completed tasks that weren‘t actually completed.


I wouldn’t advise completing something that hasn’t been done. Instead, turn into an approval and cancel if you can would be my suggestion.

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