I Cant find archived projects with the new team interface?


I cant find a few projects ive archived in the team archived projects filter in Asana. I find tasks related to the project, but not the projects themselves?

I need access to them but with the new interface they seem gone?

Hey @Robin.Sverd

When you go to the team page that shows all the projects, set the filter to “archived projects”.

Now it should show you all your archived projects from that team



If you can find tasks that are in the project, then you can navigate to the project by clicking the project chip (Scratch 3 in the screenshot below):

Marking this as the solution because I believe you already knew about the archived filter in the other reply, since you mentioned that in your OP.



Underneath ive attached an image of an task from an archived project. This task is loose in the system and not connected to the original project which were archived? Its like this with many projects ive archived. They have been archived for a while and Im wondering if theres been some changes within asana which makes these projects lost or deleted somehow?

Hey yes I know but the problem is that the archived projects are not there.

One explanation for both the projects not being there and the tasks not belonging to the archive project any longer is that the project was actually deleted. The person who deletes a project will receive an email with a link to restore the project, so you or others could look for that as evidence, or perhaps Support could help with history, if they have access to that.

No, I don’t believe so, or we’d have an outcry if this were happening anew to everyone.



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