Find Private Archived Project

I created a private project, archived it, and am unable to find it. The articles I’m finding on the forum refer to projects created with a team. Attached is a screenshot of my search field: I’m not able to filter for archived projects. Thanks, I really need to unarchive this one.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Catherine_Mencher!

Do you still remember part of the name of this project because then you can still locate it via advanced search as archived projects will display as well.

Or did you still have and task from the archived project assigned to you? As then you‘ll be able to find the project this way also.

If you worked on this project recently before archiving you should also find it in the left-hand sidebar.

If it cannot be located at all then I recommend reaching out to Asana support so they can assist you.

Thank you so much! I remember the name and am unable to find it via search. I’m going to reach out to Asana Support, I appreciate the help.

Strange indeed. But yes in such cases Asana support should definitely be able to help you!

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