Advanced Search and Archived Projects

Today, I was using the advanced search. I was searching for all incomplete tasks, in a specific team, and not subtasks.

After looking at the search results, I see that they included some archived projects. So, I added to my search the “not in these projects” option and began to type the name of the archived projects. Unfortunately, the names didn’t appear for me to select. So, I went back to my original search results, found a task on one of those archived projects, and opened it in a new browser tab. I confirmed that the project was archived.

I think the inability to find an archived project in advanced search may be expected behavior. (See Archived Projects effect your searching and How can locate archived projects? and maybe others? :slight_smile:)

I went back to my advanced search because I was going to add another project to the “not in these projects” option. I couldn’t find that other project, either. I went back to my search results and confirmed that it was an archived project.

I then attempted to show this to my colleague but each of those two projects that I previously attempted to find but couldn’t, now began to appear when I typed their names into the “not in these projects” option.

In summary, I can’t find an archived project in the advanced search unless I first view the archived project. In other words, I had to open each archived project in a new tab before I could find it via the advanced search.

Is anyone else seeing this?