Advanced Search and Archived Projects

Today, I was using the advanced search. I was searching for all incomplete tasks, in a specific team, and not subtasks.

After looking at the search results, I see that they included some archived projects. So, I added to my search the “not in these projects” option and began to type the name of the archived projects. Unfortunately, the names didn’t appear for me to select. So, I went back to my original search results, found a task on one of those archived projects, and opened it in a new browser tab. I confirmed that the project was archived.

I think the inability to find an archived project in advanced search may be expected behavior. (See Archived Projects effect your searching and How can locate archived projects? and maybe others? :slight_smile:)

I went back to my advanced search because I was going to add another project to the “not in these projects” option. I couldn’t find that other project, either. I went back to my search results and confirmed that it was an archived project.

I then attempted to show this to my colleague but each of those two projects that I previously attempted to find but couldn’t, now began to appear when I typed their names into the “not in these projects” option.

In summary, I can’t find an archived project in the advanced search unless I first view the archived project. In other words, I had to open each archived project in a new tab before I could find it via the advanced search.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Will, I have the same exact issue. I reached out to Asana support and apparently, they will appear if you recently visited these archived projects.

The only option to find archived projects is by scrolling through the archived products list under the team on the sidebar. Which is ridiculous and a terrible user experience. Our agency has been using Asana since 2013, so we have hundreds of archived projects so you can imagine what that experience is like scrolling through that archived lists, smh. It’s beyond me as to why they are not allowing us to search any Archived Projects under the Advanced Search.

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