Exclude archived projects from advanced search

We use a ‘Time spent’ custom field in our project template. Using advanced search, I’ve put together a report including all completed tasks with any value against Time Spent. The problem I’ve got is that the results include not just current projects in development but also the ones that have been archived - mostly because they were put on hold or completed. This means I’m not getting a true picture of how much time has been spent on projects in this session.

As the number of projects in development grows, it’s increasingly harder to tell which projects are current and which are archived. A simple addition to the ‘Project’ filter in advanced search - Is/Isn’t Archived - would make it so much easier.


The advanced search feature (used for saved searches) allows one to search within a project, or to exclude a project, but there’s no way to exclude archived projects from searches. As a result, a search for tasks across projects will return tasks for archived projects, and the only solution is to mark them as “complete”.

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Yes… NEED this feature. When cleaning up old teams/projects, you are faced with the dilemma of either deleting the team and losing stuff (cause you don’t want to have to cull thru everything in it to validate) or archiving it. But the downside of archiving it is that everything in there shows up in search results cluttering current topics/activities. It would be highly beneficial if search did not include archives by default but allowed you to include archives in the advanced search dialog.


@Katie i am having the same problem is there a way to search and create report without including the archived Projects to reduce clutter

Hello. When I search, I see tasks that are in archived projects.

In this support article, I see that that is normal behavior: https://asana.com/guide/help/projects/actions#gl-archive

Is there any way I can set up a search that excludes tasks in archived projects? Or maybe a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @TarW

Last year I posted a feature request relating to this. Sadly, it didn’t get many votes, but it’s here if you want to add yours:

Maybe we can get it back up the list in the Community’s ‘Latest’ section, and there’ll be a sudden flurry of votes!

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Thanks for linking this #productfeedback post @Mark_Hudson! @TarW, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Mark’s thread to consolidate feedback around this topic!

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Did this every get movement or does anyone know of a workaround? Would love to be able to exclude archived projects in search results.

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I’m afraid not, @Nick_Bryan. We solved the problem by stripping all of the custom fields from a project before archiving it. I’m surprised this option hasn’t been added to the advanced search filter by now.

It would be really great to have this added to the Advanced Search Filter.

How has this not been actioned yet?? Surely this is a really simple fix.

Another vote for the ability to filter by archived projects.