Allow Users to Filter Out Archived Projects/Tasks from Reports

We are trying to implement using the universal reporting features for our organization, but it is not useful to us at this time because it includes archived projects and the tasks contained within those projects. There should be a setting option when creating the reporting dashboard/charts to include or not include archived projects/tasks in the data.

I have seen somebody mention a workaround of moving all the archived projects to an Archive team and not selecting that team in the reporting, but we need the archived projects to remain in the team they were originally held in so that workaround does not fit our needs. Please consider this update as it would make the reporting feature usable and helpful for us!


Hey @Ashley_DeVore,

since you are interested in this feature you might also be interested in excluding archived projects from advanced search results :wink: If so you can upvote here: Exclude archived projects from advanced search


I voted on that one earlier also :+1: Thanks!

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Hi @Ashley_DeVore, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

This enhancement is on our Product teams radar so hopefully it is something they can implement soon. Keep an eye out for updates! :slight_smile:


This is great to know! I have been keeping an eye on this very thing - we have SO many archived projects and tasks that having the ability to filter those out and get reports to actually report on ACTIVE thing is so HUGE.

Yes @John_T ! I can’t believe that this doesn’t have more votes yet!

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Sooo many people have been asking for archived tasks to be hidden away since 2017, whether in reports, My Tasks, or search. I am astounded that Asana has not yet implemented this.