Exclude archived projects from advanced search

Thanks for flagging this duplicate @Nicolas_Fischer, I’ve gone ahead and merged them!


Adding another vote for this feature.

This would be majorly helpful for our reporting and auditing of projects as archived projects get in the way and having to do a completion of all of our tasks prior to archiving would be annoying.


This is a no-brainer. Only work-around I can think of is to create an “Archived” team to dump all the archived projects and only include the non-archive teams in the search. What a pain.

Indeed a good workaround.

Just stumbled across this issue and I’m shocked that it hasn’t been addressed. Without a “complete” status or ability to exclude Archived projects we are having to do workarounds and manipulate reports to get accurate project counts. Are there any updates on this?

@Rebecca_McGrath I believe this is a duplicate with Option to exclude archived projects/tasks from search

Hi there friends,

I really enjoy using the advanced search in Asana - but I can’t find a way to filter archived tasks only? Have any of you found a trick?



There is technically no such things as archived tasks, do you mean tasks inside archived projects?


That is exactly what I mean - thanks.

Will update me original post.

Then I believe Exclude archived projects from advanced search is where you need to go. And maybe @Rebecca_McGrath can also merge https://forum.asana.com/t/a-filter-for-project-is-archived/3520/4 with it!


Right now, if I am creating my custom search with Project, tags I want to include and task status. It’s working smooth.

The only problem is when we have 100s of projects and many of them are already archived due to some reasons but it still shows them which we have no use at all.

So, we need a way to add Include Archived/Exclude project filter.

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Hi @Daksh_Mehta - I recommend that you read this Asana Guide article about archived projects.

Please let us know if you have follow up questions.

Hi @Alexis I’ve been having the same type of issue. Unfortunately, the guide you referred isn’t much help here. I cannot delete these projects as we may need them for reference in the future, but it doesn’t explain how to exclude archived projects from filters. Do you have any other suggestions?

Strange this wasn’t answered.

We’re creating an advance search (report), but we want to exclude search results from projects that have been archived.

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+1 for this feature request. It just pile up lots of unwanted tasks long back and project is also archived.


Another +1 for this. Please add this to the advanced search filters!

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+1 for this feature request

Also +1 for this feature. We currently work around by creating another team, moving projects when they are done to that team, and then excluding that team from the work. But since our project list is so long, it takes a while to move them.

My manager (the CEO of our company) asked me to produce reports on incomplete/overdue tasks on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as reports on upcoming tasks. However, I noticed that archived projects are also included in these reports.

This actually prevents us from using the Reports area as a whole because it completely skews the report and includes tasks that are irrelevant. There is really no way around this unless you completely delete a project, which we don’t want to do. Normally we archive projects that are either completed or, more often, projects that are on hold or that have been cancelled, but that we do not want to delete from the records.

Having the incomplete tasks from these projects show in the Reporting area doesn’t make any sense for us. We would really love to have an option to “exclude Archived projects” from Reports whenever we need to do this. I feel like other companies using Asana would appreciate this as well.Thank you.