Searching Archived Project Titles

Please help!
It would appear that once projects are archived a search for the project title will not fin the project. Is it really the case that the search only looks through tasks and conversations of projects once archived? We have over 700 archived projects and I really don’t want to go back in and add the project title as a note.

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Hi @George_Burningham.

Technically speaking, archived projects are not searchable via the Advanced Search as we explain in our Guide article: Project actions: move, duplicate, delete, and more | Product guide • Asana (“Once archived, the project will disappear from everyone’s sidebar and from search results. Though an archived project will not show in search by name, its individual tasks will still appear in search results.”)

That said, this wasn’t always the case; for a while archived projects did appear into Search results, but this was unfortunately because of a Bug, not because of an expected behavior. The bug (which had to do with how we were indexing the search) has since been fixed, which explains why you’re not able to search your archived projects anymore. I completely understand that this change is painful; for the time being, the best advice I can give you is to search through the “Archived projects” option, although I can appreciate that with hundreds or thousands of projects this is not the most convenient. Also, bear in mind that a task doesn’t inherit the “archivedness” of its project, so technically you can search archived tasks via the Advanced Search, it might be a quicker way to get your hands on an archived project. Again I’m conscious this is not ideal, but it might be a good workaround for the time being.

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Thanks for the swift response. Are there any plans to add this functionality to the search? Surely the reason most people archive project’s is so they can refer back to them at a later date, and what better way to find an archived project than searching for it by name?


I totally agree with Geroge_Burningham.

My whole team complains about this issue. I don’t understand why your devs considered this is a bug. Please bring back the bug! It was a feature!


Thanks for you feedback @Daniel_Goldwater, I have moved this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other community member for this feature!

Currently there is no way to search archived projects. To make matters worse - the only option left to the user, a slow and tedious manual search, is made even more frustrating than it would be already because there is no option for automated organization of the projects in the sidebar (alphabetical, etc.)

The only reason to archive a project rather than delete it is so that you can refer back to it later …unless, of course, you can’t find it.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Noah_Bucher and so sorry for the inconvenience, I can completely understand your point. We already have a topic covering this issue, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread (Searching Archived Project Titles - #2 by Marie). I’ve given more details in this specific post (Searching Archived Project Titles - #2 by Marie) it won’t solve your issue but I thought you might be interested having a look at it! I would also recommend to add your vote to this main thread; hopefully this is something we can implement in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback with us, we really appreciate it!

Can we get an update on this issue. Seems like a pretty big deal not to be able to search and find past projects.


Hi @Simon_Jolly; unfortunately, I don’t have an update to share at the moment, but I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and will update this thread as soon as I ave an update!

Just want to share my frustration regarding the “deletion” of archived projects. Not being able to access the archived project library is equal to “delete” those projects in my team view. Searching by tasks is really not an option when you have many projects based on the same template (identical task names). So, any planned advancement on this issue ?


I agree this would be very helpful, was surprised to find i could not search for archived projects today.


I will also throw my hat into this ring. I am almost afraid to archive a project. Living in fear that the client may come back with a revision or update and it will take me 10 to 15 minutes to locate the project. In my world 15 minutes is time I do not have. Please, please, please make this a priority. I know as far as users go PMs are outnumbered by creatives but PMs are the real user here.


Also have the same problem… hundreds of archived projects, no way to filter or sort or anything. Needle in a haystack. Would be great to add this functionality as an advanced search option.


Why would the archived project not appear in the search results, but the tasks do? This is a problem; will it be addressed?


I have been loving asana and trying to get my whole team on board- until i learned about this archival issue. Many of our tasks are identical across projects and each project happens once per year. Really hoping this gets addressed soon.


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just adding my vote here. pretty nuts that there’s not an option in the advanced search to include archived projects. as others have noted, this is a pretty clear and obviously use case. maybe the asana PM’s don’t actually use asana much?


Add me to the list of people who are baffled by the idea that providing a way to search your archive would be considered a bug. I just looked through every Advanced Search filter, thinking that, surely, they must provide a way to search for archived projects by title…this is too good of a product to not have that. But, sure enough, it can’t be done. I will suggest to my team that we finish each project with a completed task that has the same name as the Project, since we are just getting started. But, please compliment the developer who added the “bug” and ask him to put it back.


Same here!

Please add this feature.

Makes no sense why this feature can’t be easily added so we can quickly find Archived projects!

I have to deal with this just about every single day, as we have hundreds of projects!

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Please could there be a tab to search for ‘archived projects’ this is so needed!!

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