Archived projects still in project list

I archived a project but it still appears in the project list, when I create new tasks and want to sort them to a specific task. How can I hide them there?

Hi @Tim_Dethlefsen, thanks for reaching out. Do you mean that the project still appears in your sidebar? Would you be able to give us more details on that? Generally speaking, once archived, the project will disappear from everyone’s sidebar and from search results. Though an archived project will not show in search by name, its individual tasks will still appear in search results.

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it doesn’t appears in the sidebar. So far I just saw it in the project list when creating a new task not being in a specific project.

Hi @Tim_Dethlefsen, thanks for clarifying that. I understand what you mean now. Asana shows you the “archived” icon so you know that the project in question is archived, but unfortunately, it’s not possible to prevent these archived projects from populating in the “Add to Project” field. Apologies for any inconvenience here, Tim!

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