Here is how to see all the projects I have access to in one list.

Many have asked if there is a way to see all the projects, you have access to, in one extensive list.
The answer is yes, by using Advanced Search.

To see ALL the projects, you have access to do the following:

Short version:

Bookmark this URL:

Long version:

1. Open Search ( ctrl K )

2. Open Advanced search

3. Do an empty search by just clicking on search

4. Click on the Projects tab to see all the projects.

5. From here you can sort them by date, owner or last modified

If you want to see only a subset of the list, click on filter and choose your subset
eg. in portfolios or in teams

To see all the projects where you are the project owner, use the In projects owned by filter

:bulb: Bonus tip. Remember to save your search if you want to return to it later.


Good tip!

Extra bonuses:

  1. Search paramerters do double duty depending on the results tab: Assignee means Project Owner, and Collaborators means Project Members:
    How do I get a list of the projects I'm a member of? - #19 by lpb

  2. A nice Team and Portfolios column is provided by default for this Projects tab so you can easily see the team each project is in and which portfolios (if any) they’re members of.



Good thinking, it is indeed asked often.

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I cannot “Advanced Search” as a free user. So is this essentially requiring me to upgrade to premium now to access all the old projects I have created in Asana? I can no longer see all of my projects in the new UI, only recent and favorite.

If you run a simple search, do you have access to the “Projects” tab in the results? Might be a way to access old projects.

Hi - That’s useful but it includes everything you’ve ever worked on. Is it possible to filter separately by Archived and Non-archived projects - so you can see only the current projects only - of use most of the time but also only the archived ones if you want to browse through these old projects when you can’t remember the names of the projects. David


Projects tab is visible but only shows recent or favorites, there is no option to “show all”. Advanced search is not available to free users, and the simple search returns a project but when you have hundreds of projects named by project #s, you don’t always know what you’re searching for. The only way as a free user to view a list of projects is through teams, but then you have to recall which projects are broken into what teams which is not always quick. Having access to all projects on the sidebar was a major convenance and this new redesign is major headache.


For those of us with small screens, accessing projects in Asana has always been awkward.

the list displayed by an advanced search includes too many things that cannot be sorted efficiently

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The way that I have found best to find them is to search as stated above and then I do 2 things:

1 Favorite the Project
2 Add to my “Current Projects” Portfolio so that I can see all projects in one location.

Hope this helps.


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We created a field in our All Projects portfolio called ‘this week’. It’s a drop down field to select the projects priority for the week - high/medium/low/on hold/close down etc. Is it possible to automate a task to add all projects in the ‘close down’ stage to a separate Close Down portfolio?


Sorry, @Alex_Hedges, that’s not possible natively and I don’t know of an existing third-party app that does that.


We do this with custom made automations, quite straightforward once you have the boilerplate code in place. Don’t hesitate to email me to discuss your specific use case.

That there is no option to “show all” is really inconvenient. Asana Product folks, please consider this feature request.

For those of us in management roles who have to deal with several dozen projects, the current limitation of “Top projects” or "Recent Projects"is not at all satisfactory.

I wouldn’t consider this Solved as the topic is labeled.


@Bill_Pataky , the best workaround is to bookmark this URL:
This will show you all the projects you have access to.


Why you have removed “show all” button? Asana is useless for my team. And no, bookmark or power search is not effective way.


Bring back “show all” +100


Looks good

I thought I must be silly and can’t find it. No way a multi-billion dollar company doesn’t have the option to show all projects. Turns out this is actually the case. Also, when you’re in trial and create portfolios, you can’t delete them without going back to a business account. You can’t rename your org either.


@Sherad_Louis-Charles have you tried this URL:

It feels a little vicious on Asana’s part to remove the ability to see all Projects in the Sidebar. It’s caused me a lot of wasted time already.