Archived Projects effect your searching


Hi since about February I have had an issue with a specific project not being visible when I try and search for it to add a task to it. The Asana Support team have been helping me out trying to work out what the problem is. The main culprit they thought it was is [quote=“Shah_Hoque, post:1, topic:706, full:true”]
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone was able to assist on the following issue please?

I’m having an issue adding an existing task to multiple folders. When trying to do this, existing folders do not appear in the drop down when typing and I’m having to resort to creating a new folder instead for the task.

Or I’m I correct to assume to add tasks to multiple folders, you need to have a premium subscription?

Thanks all.


However in the end the problem was Me… I had archived my project, which explained why it only seemed to appear just after I had been in the project… So now I have unarchived the project and all is good.

So for anyone else if you have issues with projects not behaving like other projects, check that you haven’t inadvertently archived them.



Great tip, @Jason_Woods !


It is very unfortunate that Asana can’t search archives like it can open projects. We have a team called “Past projects” which is aka archive. We just move all projects into that team, which are still accessible to all, and then they stay relevant while searching!


Has anyone heard word as to whether Asana plans to support the search function in Archived Projects. I believe the whole point of an archive is that it can be searched and revisited…? Right? Thanks for the “Past Projects” tip, Craig… I’m not sure it will work for our company, but I’m willing to try it. We have two years worth of projects sitting in teams because we regularly revisit them for customer service purposes. Everyone is scared to archive!


@CraigHuddleston @Cameron_Chinatti
Note I haven’t 100% tested this.
When I am saying that I can’t search an archived project, the issue is that it doesn’t work in the search bar at the top of asana or when trying to add a task to that project.

My understanding is that you can search archived projects from the Advance Search function.

This would in general make sense to me. I don’t want my day to day task management and searching being cluttered by projects/tasks that have been archived. However if I need to specifically search for something in a project which has been archived then I can do it.

@Sara - Would you be able to get someone to confirm this?

However I agree what would be good/nice is to have in Advanced Serach Projects - To call out archived or non archived projects, as an option.



Thanks @Jason_Woods! As of yet, I haven’t figured out how to find archived projects via the advance search function. I’ve even experiment with custom fields in hopes that it would help. I agree that keeping active and archived search separate is important… I do wish I could filter by archived.


One way to find archived project is as follows. At the bottom of each Team section you will have an archived projects section refer below screen shot;

If you click on the archived projects list then it will list all of your archived projects.

When you search you advanced search it will show results for all projects regardless of whether or not they are archived or not.

Hope this helps…


I just did some quick testing in Asana because this thread made me concerned about searching for information in archived projects.

What I found is the Asana search will find tasks in archived projects. But it won’t find the names of archived projects.

The search is much more geared to finding tasks then projects. And to my mind, finding tasks is much more valuable. If the task is in an archived project, you can still see the archived project the task is in, and you can open the archived project from the task.


As indicated in the Guide, archived projects do not appear in search results but tasks in archived projects do:

I think it would be better for Advanced Search to include an option to search in Active Projects, Archived Projects, or All Projects.


Agreed. Even better if there was a archived project indicator. To show that a task is exclusively in archived project(s).

Even when you have an archived project open, it isn’t easy to tell it’s an archived project.