How to see archived projects


I am trying to see archived project. I searched online, but could not find the answer. Also, the link in the similar topic below, does not open the page.

How can locate archived projects? - Community Forum English / Tips and Tricks - Asana Forum

@Andrej_Krasevec :wave: Welcome to the community!
The best option that I found to see is to create a report with the following parameters:

This will give you all the arrived projects you have access to in your organization.
If you then click on the item:
You will see a list of all the projects.

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Hi @Andrej_Krasevec,

If you know the name of the project you can search it in the advanced search bar (if your plan allows) or you can click on the team the project belonged to (to open the team’s page) > click “Filter” (next to the header “Projects” > Click “Archived Projects”.


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Thanks. I wanted to find them when I don’t know the name. All clear now :slight_smile:

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